Music has always been a big part of my life. When I was a kid, my mom used to sing all the time and eventually she put me in a church choir. It was in church that I discovered that I’m a terrible singer, but that never stopped me from continuing to sing randomly and often.

Music has so many functions. I listen to music when I’m working really hard to finish a paper. I find that music makes it much easier for me to put my thoughts into coherent written sentences. My ideas flow much better if something with a steady beat is playing in the background. It also stimulates my imagination; it always seems that music makes the creative part of my brain fire at maximum capacity.
I also listen to music when I’m trying to fall asleep, working out, walking to class, or just trying to grab a few minutes of peace.

I remember when I was about twelve I got my first portable music device. It was a CD player my mom got me for Christmas and at the time I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Gradually my portable music technology became more advanced. About 3 years after that I got my first MP3 player and about a year after that I received my first iPod. Now I barely touch my iPod and mostly use my cellphone or computer to listen to music. It amazes that technology has advanced so much that now we can do mostly everything we need with just one device. Now instead of carrying around a big portable CD player and a case full of CD’s, I can just bring my small compact cell phone.

I rarely ever purchase and download music anymore. Free internet radio like Pandora and Spotify make it easy to personalize my music, plus they add a level of spontaneity that I love. They play songs based on the songs that they know you like, which makes discovering new music easy.

I also think it’s cool how music can have such deep ties into the culture of a society. I was watching a movie the other day and Swedish hip hop music started playing in the background. I had no idea that Swedish hip hop was an actual genre of music. When I think of hip hop I automatically think of its American cultural ties. It’s interesting to see how different cultures create music in various genres.


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