Technology in Education

Communication technology has had both a positive and a negative role in my education. On one hand, access to the internet makes life much easier. When there’s a concept or a term from class that you find you don’t quite understand it’s easy to type it into Google or another search engine and pull up lots of resources to help you learn more about whatever you’re struggling with. In addition to this, I find e-readers to be incredibly helpful. Although like the article mention there are some disadvantages such as incorrect page numbers and not actually being able to turn a tangible page, I still find them cost effective and convenient. Instead of hauling around three or four books at once, I can carry my lightweight Kindle which can have hundreds of books on it at once.

Looking at it from the negative side, technology is very distracting. If I have my phone or my laptop on my desk during class I often find myself checking social media or surfing the web or just being generally inattentive. This reminds me of the concept of Displacement Theory that we talked about in class. Because it’s so easy to get caught up in your phone or various other Comm Technologies it takes time away from doing other more important things like studying… or sleeping. Also, technology makes things like plagiarism far too easy to do by mistake. There’s so much information on the web that oftentimes a student can find themselves indirectly using someone else’s work without citing it properly.

I found the idea of these Massive Open Online Course’s (MOOCs) fascinating. As a college student I’m always intrigued by the idea of free education and I found it interesting that these courses are combining traditional classroom education with media and film. They use the media and film aspect to reach thousands of students all around the world. I’ve also been intrigued by mass communication, being able to reach out to large groups of people at once is very cool. It’s even cooler when the mass communication is a form of education.

While I’ve never been a fan of taking online courses, I would definitely be interested in attempting to enroll of these MOOCs. They seem like a great direction to take education in general. Knowledge should be a free and open thing, not constricted by financial limitations. I think universities everywhere should adopt them.


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  1. I share your appreciation for free education. I plan to take advantage of the many free online courses from prestigious universities that are so widely available online now. Not necessarily technology related, but certainly free education related, the public library is a fantastic resource to learn something new. It is open to everyone no matter social class and if one is focused, we could learn any and everything through books and other forms of media at the library.


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