Privacy Issues

While the revelation of just how unprotected our information is on the internet was a little bit of a surprise to me when we talked about it in class, I really can’t bring myself to be that concerned. This is not to say that the issue of internet privacy is not a prominent one, I just don’t think that I’ve put enough of my personal information on the internet for it to worry me. I’ve always been careful about what I post on Facebook or other various social media; even though my privacy settings are strict I still have never trusted the internet enough to put out information that is too personal.

If I recall correctly I was about fifteen when I first created my Facebook page, at the time my mother had strictly forbidden me from the site, but being a rebellious teenager I decided to create one anyway. All of my friends had a Facebook during this time, so naturally I believed I needed one too. Since I was essentially sneaking around the site I was extra careful to set my privacy settings very strictly so that my mother would not stumble across my account. Even though now I’m a grown woman and no longer forbidden from Facebook, my privacy settings are the same. You can’t even send me a friend request or a message on Facebook unless you are friends with someone I’m friends with.

It’s one thing to be careless with the information you put out on the internet, but it’s another thing entirely for companies to be actively seeking out your internet activity and storing whatever information they discover about you. When I’m googling something, or purchasing a product online, I’m not actively trying to put my personal information out on the web, so I think it’s unfair for companies to use innocent internet activity against a person. I was shocked when I read the article about our wireless carriers selling our information. My phone is personal to me in a way that the internet is definitely not, so this article creeped me out. As for the issue of “big brother” constantly watching us and tracking our activity, I think that the internet could definitely lead to the development of a dystopian society, however I read quite a lot of fiction and I’ve been known to let my imagination get the best of me.


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