Social Media–The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I was sympathetic for Daphne from the clip of the article but I was far from shocked. The internet, specifically social media, has paved the way for all sorts of cyber bullying. When I was in middle school it happened all the time, someone would get ugly things written about them on MySpace or MyYearBook (or whatever social media site I was using at the time). When I reached high school the bullying became more subtle in nature was still prominent nonetheless.

In high school I went through a brief period where I would check Facebook about once or twice a month and deactivate it every time I signed off. I was simply tired of reading all the complaints about other people and the various teenage sob stories. So and so just broke up with their boyfriend and they’re the worst person on the planet, five minutes later they’re together again and now they “can’t get enough of each other”. It was pathetic. Eventually I realized that social media sites such as Facebook was belittling my relationships with others. While I had gained breath in the number of “friends” I had, I was lacking the depth of serious friendship. During this time period I eventually ended up going through all of my Facebook “friends” and deleting everyone who I wouldn’t invite into my home, or would never ask to hangout at a setting that wasn’t school related, this reduced my friends list to about 100 people. Today my number of Facebook friends is probably just under 300. I’m still strict about who I add and who I don’t add because if I don’t care about you as a person, I don’t want to see your Facebook statuses.

I believe that screening the people you add or friend or follow on social media is the key to ensuring that social media will serve as a force that improves interpersonal human communications rather than belittles the concept. If you don’t genuinely care about the activity of the people you are adding you shouldn’t bother adding them. Also, its important to think about what you’re posting  before you post it. Oftentimes I’ve been tempted to post a passive aggressive status about a person in my life who’s made me angry. However, announcing to all of Facebook what a jerk so and so is, isn’t going to solve the problems in the relationship, it’ll just enhance them.


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