So picture this:

  • You’re on a bus trying to get home after a long day.
  • There’s an old wrinkled lady sitting beside you with skin like crepe paper and about 7 missing teeth.
  • She looks over at you and says, “Is your hair naturally that curly?”
  • “… Yeah,” is your response.
  • “It’s just so curly! Like a poodle.” She’s clearly fascinated for some odd reason (I mean for goodness sake its just hair).
  • You’re so busy being insulted that she just compared you to a dog that you don’t notice she’s reaching out her old leathery meat hook fingers until its too late.
  • By the time you jerk away she’s already successfully stroked your hair with her withered old bedpan hands.
  • As if you were in fact a dog.

unhappy poodle

Top 4 Reasons Why I Was Astronomically Offended

  • 4) I have an unreasonable fear of old people
  • 3) She touched me without my permission
  • 2) She compared me to a dog
  • 1) I’m black and I’m about 99.9% sure that if I was curly-haired and apart of some other race I could’ve avoided being placed in the same category as animals that drink from toilets.

I’m irritated for natural-haired black women everywhere.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. The comments that us naturals have to deal with I swear! My last somewhat-offensive “compliment” was, “I love your hair; it’s so WILD.” Smh.

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