How To Be A Successful College Student In 3 Simple Steps

1-) Accept the fact that you can only do two of the following things: get 8 hours of sleep at night, make an awesome GPA, or spend all the time you want hanging out with your besties but you CANNOT do all three.

Prioritize these things in your head.

Sometimes you’ll spend the weekend hitting up superawesome parties with your superawesome friends AND ace that Strategic Media Management exam but you’ll have done all of this with about three hours of sleep over the course of 2 days.

The good news is that they’re always fluidly moving from the bottom to the top of the totem pole and vice versa. They can always be shifted around.

2-) Don’t be an idiot. Understand that an idiot is someone who does incredibly stupid things when they obviously know better.

Yes its okay to skip the occasional class but I’ve noticed that a lot of Freshmen seem to be under the delusion that they can miss a class 498759 times and still get that A+ that’s been mythically floating around in their imagination. WRONG.

Good things come to people who work hard. Goals are not accomplished over night. They are also not accomplished by binge drinking vodka every night and sleeping through all  your classes during the day. Before you know it you’ll wake up 10 years later living in your Mom’s garage, working at Starbucks, and wondering what could’ve possibly went wrong.

Stay focused and remember why you bothered to fill out the application for college in the first place, not to mention paid the $75 application fee. If that doesn’t work you can always think about the thousands of dollars of debt you’re racking up to be the same lazy individual you could’ve been at home

(If you’re wondering how you can get away with the occasional horrible drunk experience AND slide by with a high GPA please refer to Step 1)

3) Take the time to learn a few things about yourself. College is the point when one finally emerges out the awkward geek/goth/emo/jock fads that were the horrible institution of high school and blossom into a successful and defined human being. Someone with a real personality and real goals, accomplishments, and opinions. Someone who is bright and awesome and able to express themselves in intelligent and creative ways.

Do things that pull you out of your comfort zone and make you discover hidden talents and characteristics that you never would’ve thought you were capable of producing.


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