ACC Commissioner Calls UofL’s Athletics “Unmatched”

I had the extreme pleasure of being at the most recent Conversations With Champions event hosted by the The University of Louisville. The Commissioner of the Atlantic Coast Conference, John Swofford was welcomed on Tuesday, Feb. 24.

Swofford has been Commissioner of the ACC for 18 years and is the longest tenured Commissioner in ACC  history. He has expanded the league from a nine to 15 member conference that now includes the University of Louisville.

An incredibly awesome student (me) made sure to ask him how he thought the addition of the University of Louisville has impacted the ACC’s goals of academic and athletic excellence.

His response:

“We think our conference, basketball-wise has been the best for a long period of time. I look at Louisville basketball as right in sync with where the league has always been and the football as right in sync with where the league is headed.”

The Commissioner went on to say that athletically what has occurred at UofL is unmatched in major college athletics.
In addition to ensuring athletic excellence, Swofford has created an ACC outreach program, Community Connections, which promotes educational and mentoring opportunities to young students.

Long story short: he’s kind of a big deal, and he thinks UofL is a great academic institution.

Nuff’ Said.


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