I’m Back and I’m Better

Hello Good People!

Once again I have been tasked with keeping a class blog, Yay!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Bria Staten-Favors and I’m from the Kentucky, Ohio area (I’m being intentionally vague in order to ward off potential stalkers). I’m a senior at a university in the aforementioned area and this semester I’m taking yet another strategic communication class.

I know you guys have missed my razor sharp wit and hair humor so I’m happy to dust off the cobwebs of my blog and give you at least like 15 weeks of glorious content from moi. I can’t promise what happens after that… probably cobwebs again.

I’m just not great with keeping up with blogs. It’s tragic.

After this semester I’m graduating and (hopefully) moving on to grad school. I’m still deciding on what area I’d like to get my Master’s in, while I love the field of Communication I think I may want to explore some other options.

In addition to this blog I’m also updating on Twitter: https://twitter.com/briajstat

All jokes aside I’m actually super excited to be in this social media class and I’m sure the semester will be filled with great opportunities for growth and real world experience.



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