Braving The Winter Storm: A Two Part Battle

It was exactly 7:07 am on Tuesday night when I received the text message that would change my life… or at least vastly improve the next two days.

Or so I thought.

Little did I know that just because classes where cancelled and all UofL offices were going to be closed through Tuesday (meaning I also didn’t have to go to work), it didn’t mean that I would be spending those days pants-less in my apartment, watching Netflix in a heavy food coma like I’d originally intended.


My first mistake was waking up on Monday morning and deciding that it was past time for me to fall back into my gym routine. I pulled on boots and sweatpants over my shorts, threw on a coat and yanked open my apartment door to find…. about ten inches of wintery hell. I contemplated heading back into my room, ordering pizza, and getting started with that food coma that I mentioned above, but I’ve always been the type to finish what I start so outside I went. As I slipped and trudged and stumbled my way through mountains of freezing snow to get the gym I thought to myself this is it, once I get back home I’m not coming out again… but that wouldn’t be the case.


I’d just gotten back to my apartment and sank sweatily and gratefully into my desk chair, happily preparing to shower and then turn on Netflix (Michonne was on her way to battle the Governor in The Walking Dead), when I got the call:

“Hey Bria, I need you to make a run to Kroger with me.”


“Please! My toilet is overflowing and I need supplies.”


“I’m scared to go alone, what if I get stuck? I’ll be there in 5 minutes.”

“But Netflix–”

She was already hanging up the phone. I yanked my boots back on and stomped outside to meet up with my friend because I’m a great person and whatnot.

I’ll make an extremely long story short for you guys and say that the “small trip to Kroger” ending up being a journey with mounds of snow, a skidding car, and a near death experience involving me slipping on a piece of ice.

The lesson here is: STAY AT HOME DURING SNOW DAYS. They’re snow days for a reason.


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