Social Media, Get Ethical With It!

We can all name more than one instance in which social media and ethical behavior didn’t exactly go hand in hand… or rather those using social media weren’t concerned with the ethical nature of the content they were putting out there.

In my last blog we discussed metaphors (really similes but whatever) that can be used in an attempt to define social media. Here’s a link to the article if you missed it: 20 Metaphors That Explain Social Media Perfectly. One thing that the article didn’t mention is that social media is like a fire, it spreads quickly and it’s easy to burn people with.

Because the content is such quick,”snackable” information, it travels really quickly. We have to think before we post content that may be untrue or harmful to someone else’s reputation.

If you’re not sure exactly how ethics and social media can get a little hairy sometimes, this article is a helpful tool: Ethics and the Five Deadly Sins of Social Media. The article does a good job of breaking it down into five main “sins”.

  1. Unreported endorsements
  2. Improper Anonymity
  3. Compromising Consumer Privacy
  4. Overly Enthusiastic Employees
  5. Using The Online Community to Get Free Work

As helpful as the article is it’s definitely centered around businesses. I think in our everyday lives we should also keep in mind the unethical dangers of libel. Here’s a definition of libel for review.


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