Online Reputation Management… for why?

Has anybody been following the whole Kanye, Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose, scary triangle drama buzzing in the Twitterverse? No? Allow me to catch you up.
So after some petty business involving “waves” vs. “Swishes”. And something about Kanye not being “Wavy enough”. Wiz mentions the letters KK in one of his tweets.
Immediately thinking that KK stands for Kim Kardashian (because what else could those two letters together POSSIBLY mean right?) Kanye fires back at Wiz.
All was fun and games until Kanye threw Wiz (and consequently Kanye’s) Ex, Amber Rose, into the mix.
Kanye said all kinds of nasty things including “you let a stripper trap you for 18 years” and “You wouldn’t have a son if it wasn’t for me”
Not having any of this Amber fired back with…. well I’ll let you read it for yourself: Amber Rose’s twitter page.
So what does this have to do with online reputation management you ask? Allow me to explain.

Since social media has become so rapidly popular, it’s easy to get caught up in our own individual pages and forget that (assuming your account is private) anyone can actually access it… so it’s not actually personal at all. Even if your account is private, one of your followers or friends could easily screenshot a post that you later regret and decide to take down, like Kanye eventually did. Even though Kanye has deleted his tweets they are still all over the internet due to the magic of the screenshot button.

This Definitive Guide to Online Reputation Management is actually pretty helpful, scroll partially down the page and you will see the 10 Online Reputation Management Commandments.

The bottom line is make sure that whatever image you are putting out on the internet is how you would like yourself to be seen. Sounds self explanatory right? It’s not. Obviously Kanye was ashamed of his Tweets about Wiz and Amber Rose (as he should’ve been because he involved their kid… who’s innocent).  He put something on the internet that isn’t what he wants his online reputation to reflect.

For a step-by-step guide that will help you ensure that you don’t commit the same blunders as Kanye Check out this Ultimate Guide to Online Reputation Management.


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