What’s Your Early Internet Experience?

Today I was thinking about how the web is such an integral part of my life.

I started reminiscing and I cannot believe how difficult it is for me to recall all the way back to the very first time I ever used the internet. Digging around in my brain I think it all started way back in like first or second grade. I remember I mostly used it at school to fill out those stupid AR reading quizzes that the teachers made us take to ensure that we were reading a required amount of material per week.

I also remember being completely fascinated. I don’t think I was old enough to grasp the real significance of just how extensive the World Wide Web is, but I knew enough to realize that this new piece of technology was something that I could spend ages exploring.

During my early years all I wanted to do was play games on the internet. I remember my favorite website used to be MyScene.com (it actually still exists!), a website that allowed you to design your own MyScene Barbie dolls. You could pick their hair and clothes and accessories, it allowed you to play with their eye shape and skin color, effectively creating a doll that was unique to you. This was probably my very first accomplishment on the internet… designing my own Barbie doll. Since then computers and internet have become less fascinating and more frustrating. Now that I’m doing more complicated things then designing Barbie dolls I sometimes find myself falling in pitfalls that could be avoided if I had a more extensive knowledge of the way the internet works. Just the other day I was attempting to watch a movie on Google Play, but I couldn’t because I could not for the life of me figure out how turn on my “cookies”. What the heck are cookies anyway? (Click Here if you’re like me and don’t understand cookies)

However, despite the occasional frustrations, the internet has had a mostly positive impact on my life. The internet makes things so much easier! Don’t know something? Look it up and become a semi-expert on the topic in just a few short minutes! The internet simplifies education so much. Now when I have to write a research paper instead of actually having to get up and go to the library, I can just look up a peer reviewed journal from a digital library (that’s right digital library JSTOR is my favorite) and use that as a credible source. Need the source cited? Easy! Just go to a citation website and watch as it spits out your perfect MLA formatted cited source.

On a different note, maybe the internet isn’t such a good thing. Sometimes, instead of using my time wisely and typing up a paper or whatever I should be doing, I find myself being distracted by various social media or some other website and this cuts into the time I should be spending being productive.

But we pick and choose our evils, and I’d much rather be in a world with internet than in a world without it!


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