Eat. Love. Louisville.

Allison Myers from Eat. Love. Louisville. was our guest speaker in class today and she was my FAVORITE so far (and not just because I love food… and she brought cake… specifically fancy Petit Fours… see below).

Petit Four

I thought she was really informative on locally owned restaurants and food here in Louisville as well as social media. It was great to see a successful brand that has gained followers strictly through organic growth and engagement. I appreciated Allison’s open demeanor and her obvious passion for Eat.Love.Louisville. I particularly enjoyed her “3 C’s Tips for Instagram” and her “Tips for taking food pics”:

3 C’s for Instagram

  1. Content. Be sure to put a lot of thought and consideration into what you post. TRY NOT TO BE RANDOM.
  2. Consistency. If you’ve been posting a certain thing and building a certain personal brand, don’t post something that is out of character with your Instagram. The look is important. Followers follow you for a reason!
  3. Collaboration. Work with others! Collaboration is mutually beneficial for both accounts. Create a community with friends and associates who have the same interests as you. Connect with the community!

Tips for taking food pics

  1. Clean your lens.
  2. Light.
  3. Multiple Angles.
  4. Add a human touch. People like to see other people.

In case you haven’t checked out her social media profiles I HIGHLY recommend it click here for a link to her Twitter account and click here for the Eat.Love.Louisville. Instagram account.

I love the Eat.Love.Louisville. Instagram page because the content is so visually appealing and creative that you don’t even have to be a “foodie” to connect with it… even though I’m a firm believer that everyone is a foodie at heart.


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