Leah Shultz Says…

Leah Shultz, the Social Media and Marketing Director for Papa Johns, joined our class today and offered some helpful tips for life in the social media career field. Not only was Leah funny and fashion forward (I really liked her sneaker wedges), she was very knowledgeable about the world of social media (Click this link to view her Twitter page).

In the beginning of her lecture she informed us of the various jobs that are available in the field and she moved on to:

Things (although she didn’t say “things”) you need to know to get a job in social.

Which include:

-Be a visually creative person/Understand new platforms/Keep up and multitask/Be able and willing to talk to your audience and figure out the best way to reach them/ Keep up with technology/ Curation/Target audiences/Research never ends/Community management/Be a Good listener/Analytics!/manage content calendars/Be fast on your feet–speed and timing is everything/Video production skills are great/Come up with ideas quickly/Writing in general is important/Think about future and potential things that could happen.

She also gave us tips about the type of person that survives well in the field.

Who you must be:

Interested in the psychology of human interaction/A strong person to balance everything/Good judgement/Goal setting is important/Be prepared for natural disasters/Always be growing/Think globally/Know when to be casual and when to be professional/Be humble/Self-starter/Analytical thinker/Not afraid to be yourself/Be confident/Be a dreamer.

I thought all of this information lined up well with what I already imagined a career in social media/a social media professional would look like.

Thanks Leah!

Click here for the link to Papa John’s twitter account



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