Linked In to LinkedIn

I was surprised in class today when I learned that LinkedIn has been around since 2003! I assumed it was a fairly new social network since I didn’t hear about it until last year.

In case you are also out of the “LinkedIn Loop” and have no idea what I’m talking about allow me to explain. LinkedIn is a social network targeted specifically to business professionals and job seekers. I know sounds boring right? No wonder I didn’t hear about it until I was one of those business professionals and job seekers. Mashable has a pretty great article called The Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn that calls LinkedIn “the non-sexy, sleeping giant of social networks”. I couldn’t put it better myself.

LinkedIn may be “non-sexy” but it’s easily one of the most important social networks for young professionals. It manages to combine the large scoop and reach of social networking and the business world and ties both together in a way that allows you to create a changeable online resume. If potentially employers are conducting an online search for a specific skills set in a certain area it’s possible that they’ll stumble upon your LinkedIn profile… how convenient.

It may seem like LinkedIn is less popular than it’s other social media counterparts but it has a user base of well over 3 billion… that’s quite a lot of professionals.

Our class today inspired me to immediately go update my LinkedIn account (which I haven’t touched since it’s creation nearly a year ago). I’m glad I’ve finally updated it and I’m intrigued to further explore this unique network!



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