Off to Clemson for the Weekend

I am very excited to attend the annual ACC Student Leadership Symposium this weekend!

Every year (typically in February) a few student representatives and a faculty or staff member from the ACC universities gather at a host university to share leadership strategies and knowledge regarding a specific social issue. This year the topic is Sustained Student Activism for Social Change.

We will be split up into groups, each group containing someone from each of the ACC universities, and each group develops an action plan to tackle whatever issue they have. I’m in the Breaking the Gender Binary group so we’ll most likely be discussing how to combat the strict gender categories (Woman/Man) that society tends to group individuals in. Here’s a link to some of the reading materials my group has as “homework” before the Symposium:

What It’s Like to Transcend Gender Expectations with My Genderqueer Fabulous Life

Trans Etiquette 101: No Offense But That’s Offensive

Trans Etiquette 101: No Offense But That’s Offensive

In the past the conferences have been held at Miami University, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, etc. this year Clemson will be the hosting university.

Not only am I excited about the topic of the conference, I’m looking forward to applying everything I learn on my own campus!

However, I am not looking forward to my second time on an airplane… last time it took at least two days for my hearing to return to normal.

Even though I got this cool picture of the sun setting on the clouds.

sun set

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