Why Kentucky Derby’s Maggie Ray is Awesome

It was great to have Maggie Ray from the Kentucky Derby social media team come speak to our class today. One of my favorite parts of her presentation was when she described to us what exactly her job is and what she does on a daily basis.

She said that she’s a:

Strategist/content creator/marketing manager/community manager/brand manager/customer service/representative/photographer/statistician/historian/sponsorship activator/professional stalker (of brands)

I thought this really expressed the diversity of social media positions, if there’s one thing we’ve learned in this course it’s that social media is NOT just putting content out on platforms, anyone can do that, there are a lot of interconnected elements to an SM professional and Maggie touched on almost all of them!

My second favorite part of her presentation was the Snapchat segment. I didn’t get to see the Derby’s live Snap story last year and I realized today that I really missed out because it was perfect! The story did a great job of showcasing all of the elements that make Derby a fantastic experience. Maggie and the Snapchat team were able to come together and allow everyone to experience Derby even if they weren’t physically in attendance.

Thanks to Maggie for all of the excellent insight!

Click here for the link to the Derby twitter page!


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