Reflections of Social Media Class

This social media course has been great! I’ve learned so much in the last semester about social media management, building my personal brand, and social media as it relates to business.

In this class we had the opportunity to meet social media professionals that are currently working successfully in the field and that unique experience will help me in the future. I loved that are guest speakers gave us tips that they’re using currently and that we can contact them with any questions we may have. All of them presented great networking opportunities we wouldn’t have had if we didn’t take the course!

I also really enjoyed the Hootsuite University Certification program. I thought the program had a few flaws but overall it was a good learning experience and its nice to be able to say that I’m Hootsuite certified!

Major Benefits of this class:

  1. I now know how to work LinkedIn and use it effectively.
  2. I’m proficient in using social media to build my personal brand
  3. I can say that I’m Hootsuite certified and have a working knowledge of how to utilize the Hootsuite dashboard to my advantage.
  4. I’m now an excellent blogger.
  5. I tried a Stroopwafel for the first time (they’re delicious).
  6. I’ve met lots of new people and made connections.
  7. I’ve worked on a campaign for the Louisville Bats!
  8. And much more!

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